Hour in the Rain

Lerikz — Hour in the Rain
Release date Jun. 19, 2015
Cat. No. SGM15S1

Hour in the Rain is the debut single from the Dutch band Lerikz.

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Fools Gold

Poetic Menace — Fools Gold
Release date Mar. 25, 2015
Cat. No. SGM15CD01

Fools Gold is Poetic Menace debut album.

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Dela Mer Med Dig

Mavian & Seige — Dela Mer Med Dig
Release date Apr. 04, 2014
Cat. No. SGM14EP04

The first release with the duo Malin Mavian and Johan Seige,  Mavian & Seige for short. The song is called "Dela Mer Med Dig".

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Next Hour Mission

two — Next Hour Mission
Release date Jan. 17, 2014
Cat. No. SGM14EP01

One could describe this as a regular pop/rock song and that would be it. It’s just not that simple though, this is a two pop/rock song.

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two — Storm
Release date Dec. 19, 2013
Cat. No. SGM13EP05

Yet again a bit different than the others and once more with some Indian raga influences. Powered by a heavy bassline and Malin’s voice it is a journey into another soundscape.

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Dream On

two — Dream On (feat. Alish Mohan)
Release date Nov. 26, 2013
Cat. No. SGM13EP04

Dream On is the fourth single from two. A bit different than the others and the first song with a guest artist.

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two — Ghosts
Release date Oct. 26, 2013
Cat. No. Shadowglow Music

Ghosts are everywhere, some see them, some don'’t.

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two — Tonight
Release date Apr. 23, 2013
Cat. No. SGM13EP02

This is a 90’s Eurodisco-kind-of-song with an 80’s sound.

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Baltic Impressions (The Music)

Thomas Mavian — Baltic Impressions (The Music)
Release date Oct. 23, 2012
Cat. No. SGMCD5

Baltic Impressions is an underwater journey with images from the Baltic Sea, the Bothnian Sea and the Bothnian Gulf taken by underwater photographer Inge Lennmark.

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