• Baltic Impressions (The Music)

  • Baltic Impressions by Thomas Mavian

    Thomas got in contact with Swedish underwater photographer extraordinaire Inge Lennmark when he bought one of Inges books and they started talking about music, diving and a lot more. Baltic Impressions (The Music) is what Thomas created for Inges animation. You can see it in it's full below.

    Music composed by Thomas Mavian.

    © 2012 Thomas Mavian
    ℗ 2012 Shadowglow Music

  • “Baltic Impressions is an animation based on underwater photographs from my book about animals and plants in brackish water (title: "INNANHAV", which roughly translates into "Inland Sea" - so far only in Swedish language). The book gives facts and information. Baltic Impressions intends to present exclusively the emotional aspects and to convey the joy and excitement of diving in the Nordic waters of the Baltic Sea, the Bothnian Sea and the Bothnian Gulf.”

    Inge Lennmark